ALY Tortilla - Turkey's Biggest and most Hygienic Brand !

Our company A. Aksular Corporate first produced Tortilla and Baklava / Borek pastry under her brand ALY. In a short period we enlarged our product portfolio with desserts, pastries, manti and cookie with best quality. ALY owns her image to quality, human health, hygiene and high technology. ALY secret tariff Modern Technology, hygiene, good quality of ingredients, experienced staff and most importantly respect to its job.

Our Mission:
Being and maintaining world wide brand with delicious taste and healty products

Our Vision:
Improving traditional tastes with today's taste, beliefs and providing qualified and healty products for the future generations.

Quality Standards:
Every stage of production is being controlled by experinced staff. ISO 22.000, ISO 9001:2008, FDA, IFD, HELAL, TSE documents are the quaranties of our standards. Caring our customers and thier health is one our core beliefs that we always keep in mind during our productions..





ALY Tortilla - Turkey's Biggest and most Hygienic Brand!

Our company was established first by Mahir Aksu in Automobil sector in 1973 by being distributer of Goodyear Tyres. In 1996, Ahmet Aksu entered food sector by taking dealership of Fritolay, Kelloggs, Mars Food, Energizer. In 2010, beside maintaining of big companies' dealership Ahmet Aksu established one of the most modern factories in Turkey in which our company produces Tortilla, Pastries and other products under her respected brand ALY. Aksular company now exports more than 40 countries including 4 continents. By the end of 2016 Aksular company invested in cookie production in her own factory not to enhance only her production portfolio but also maintaining her respected market share in the World. Our company observed the need of customers for %100 natural sweet&salty cookies and our company finished its R&D by the end of 2016 and started production of natural, healty cookies by begining of 2017. Our new products have taken placewithin a short time in all market chains in Turkey with successful marketing programming and with our transportation web in our country. Cookies have taken its place next to our already well known products Tortillas and Baklava/Borek Pastries which are also very well known in 40 countries as well.

In today's marketing strategies 3 things are very important and it seems it will be remain very important in the future too, these things are: Caring People, not just customers but also your employees, your partners, Creativity/Innovativeness and Modernization. We are well aware that these 3 factors will deternimine the companies' capability of competitiveness in today's market. Achieving success of all three factors will put the company one step futher amnong its competitors and make the company desireable that why Aksular Corporate Group focuses on during producing, marketing, advertising or even transporting our products to accomplish satisfing achievements in Caring People, Creativity/Innovativeness and Modernization.

Aksular Corparate Group, from its very beginning, has aimed to be modern, aimed to provide qualified products for better,healthier and sustainable life for people

Aly Lavaş Tortilla Dürüm üretiminde Türkiye, Avrupa ve ortadoğunun en büyük lavaş tortilla, dürüm, baklavalık ve böreklik yufka üretim tesisi.


Choosing employee is not just adding value to our company on the other hand it effects country's economy as well for that reason we want to work with people who are loyal to this country, well aware og his/her social responsibilities, hardiness for work, qualified to do the job. We believe productivity & quality comes with education in life and work. Competitive edge is the core belief in Human resources in Aksular Company Employees accept, live accordingly and improve our company's values Our company aims to be a desirable company in its sector Our company always aim to find between expectations of employee - employer For employees our company makes carrier plans with employee to increase productivitiy & creativity Our company prizes the successful employees and who have more desire to work Incase of need for additional employees, our company tends to ask first to its current employees to find trustable persons You can make job appeal through by sending your CV, or writing your experience or by filling the form below.


Aly Lavas Tortilla products are located in many sales points in Turkey, especially in national and local chain stores, through its wide distribution network and dealerships of Aksular Group of Companies.
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