Production Facility Gallery

Biggest Producer of Tortilla/Wrap Bread in Turkey,Europe and Middle East

Our Company, while being the biggest in Europe & Middle East, operates in Industrial zone of Turkish city Çorum with equipment of latest and most modern that technology can offer. Our products are being made untouched and adequate to Turkish Food Codex

For all ALY products: Production begins with quality in production zone, hygiene and high quality ingredients. ALY owns her image to care that we give to human health, hygiene that being provided for every production and modern technology that we use. We believe good taste comes from good quality. We proudly announce, we have largest Tortilla product range in Turkey & Middle East with 11 different kind of Tortillas. Classic Tortilla, Whole Wheat, Spinach, Tomato, Corn,Germ, Golden, Wholegrain, Leek, Mediterrenean and Pizza Tortillas are being produced in biggest factory of Turkey & Middle East